Monday, May 23, 2011

In Need of a Makeover?

Okay, the last time my room got a supposed "makeover" was err...two years ago? I was way into the whole Blue&Brown color thing, but now after staring at the same bed spread everyday, for two years, I think It's time for something' new. I love to change my room around OFTEN, so you can see how something this small would bug me. Here is my current bed spread....

Well, I'll admit. The colors are really cute, and I DO love polka dots, but I'm BORED of it. And Sage loooves it 10x as much as I do! So no need to fret. It won't go to waste! (sorry the picture is really lame. It's the only good one I could find on Google images...)

Here a picture of a bed spread that is pretty similar. It just has much more...vibrant, colors compared to those on my actual bed spread. Heh heh.

The Unintentional Nerd

p.s. you better know what TTFN means... ;p


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  2. Except you didn't stare at it for 2 years. You had that bedspread on your bed for about 2 weeks before you ditched it in the linen closet for my old Jessica McClintock bedspread. :)