Sunday, November 13, 2011

Something to Aim For...

hap·pi·ness [hap-ee-nis]:
1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness."
-Richard Bach

"Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels."
-Bertolt Brecht

"Happiness comes only when we push our brains and hearts to the farthest reaches of which we are capable."
-Leo Rosten

"Growth itself contains the germ of happiness."
-Pearl S. Buck

"Happiness depends upon ourselves."

"Happiness depends more on how life strikes you than on what happens."
-Andy Rooney

"Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers' gardens."
-Douglas William Jerrold

"Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing."
-Napoleon Hill

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