Friday, April 30, 2010


This school year has gone by so fast! I can't believe it! I'm sooo ready for Summer! Sleeping in, eating ice cream everyday, going down to the river, swimming, riding my bike, hanging out with friends! All of these wonderful things are why Summer is such an awesome season! I'm also planning on seing some relatives this Summer! But what I really want is to go to Lagoon or Disneyland. Of course, I have NO money! And I can't drive to California or anywhere for that matter...I will always have the river. I wish we had a beach nearby! Sad. I'm hoping that this Summer, I won't forget everything I've learned in school. That happens almost EVERY YEAR! Either way, I'm excited for school to be over. I WILL NOT miss homework!!! I LOOOOVE SUMMER!


  1. hang out with friends? unfortunately, yeah right. when am i ever going to see you guys if i go to tuechan? i don't want to become another Alexis! you know what i mean?
    anyway, your blog back ground is way cute--you finally changed it!

  2. hey, i updated my blog just for you! so you better leave me a comment!!!!!!!!!